Industrial Coffee Grinders | Coffee Mills | Coffee Grinding Systems

An industrial coffee grinder or industrial coffee mill is a type of coffee grinding equipment designed for large-scale production environments, such as coffee shops, restaurants, or coffee processing plants. These grinders are capable of processing high volumes of coffee beans to produce ground coffee at a fast rate, suitable for various coffee preparation methods including espresso, filter, and pod/capsule systems.

Industrial coffee grinders or industrial coffee mills come in different types and capacities, ranging from small-scale grinders capable of grinding up to 2,000 lb/hr (900 kg/hr) to high-volume grinders that can process up to 15,500 lb/hr (7,000 kg/hr) or even higher, depending on the specific model and its design. The grind styles offered by these grinders can vary from Turkish to Soluble, catering to a wide range of coffee preparation needs.

These grinders are designed with features that facilitate easy maintenance and cleaning, ensuring they can operate efficiently and effectively over long periods. They often include advanced technologies such as chain and disc systems for grinding, and may also feature clean-in-place options for maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination.

Industrial coffee grinders or industrial coffee mills are essential for businesses that require a consistent supply of ground coffee for their operations, ensuring that the quality and freshness of the coffee served or used in their products is maintained at optimal levels.