In early March, the leadership team of Vina Nha Trang company attended a high-quality Vietnamese coffee industry chain-building seminar held in Buon Ma Thuot on March 12. The seminar was closely associated with green growth and sustainable development for the coffee industry in the future. It was an important opportunity for experts, businesses, provincial and state committees, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to focus on building a sustainable and highest-quality Vietnamese coffee industry chain.

Conference: Building up the high-quality coffee industry of Vietnam along with green and sustainable development at Buon Ma Thuot, March 12, 2023

Buon-Ma-Thuot-Coffee-Industry -Seminar


The seminar addressed various aspects of coffee production, processing, consumption, and management in both the domestic and export markets. Members exchanged and shared effective solutions while also connecting and collaborating in a mutually beneficial spirit to promote Vietnam’s economic development. Additionally, the Dak Lak seminar focused on finding opportunities and facing challenges in the Vietnamese coffee industry.


Buon-Ma-Thuot-Coffee-Industry -Seminar-vinanhatrang

Buon-Ma-Thuot-Coffee-Industry -Seminar-vnt

Buon-Ma-Thuot-Coffee-Industry -Seminar-vnt-vinanhatrang


For Vina Nha Trang, this was a significant event that could not be missed for those interested in the coffee industry. Vina Nha Trang and other businesses received positive support from the government to jointly build a connected community within the coffee industry as it is today. The latest knowledge is always updated, and the sharing of experiences from experts in the field is precious for solidarity and development, maintaining Vietnam’s strength in the international coffee market.