Many mechanical enterprises in Khanh Hoa province aim to invest in and manufacture machinery and equipment according to new technologies to enhance labor productivity and manage through modern and automated processes.

Using the latest technology

“Over the years, the company has focused on developing and applying solutions and automation machines to improve product quality, reduce labor and optimize management and production stages for the marine products processing industry,” said Mr. Tran Van Hung – Director of Ment Automation Co., Ltd (Vinh Ngoc Commune, Nha Trang City). The strategic products of the manufacturing enterprise, such as combined weighing systems, statistical scales, constant weighing systems, and so on, are exported and contribute to domestic demand.


Coffee processing machine of VINA Nha Trang Engineering Joint Stock Company.

“We have successfully researched and manufactured equipment for processing agricultural products, mainly coffee processing,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vina Nha Trang Engineering Joint Stock Company (Dien Phu Industrial Zone). We are proud of two outstanding products: the agricultural product processing equipment and the highly automatic wood chip drying system. Our company has invested in an automated robotic system to modernize steps, and operations, to increase productivity and product quality.

According to the Department of Industry and Trade head, modernized investment in the mechanical industry has made massive progress.

Specifically like:
– Hyundai Vietnam Shipyard builds new vessels with a tunnage of 56K DWT;
– SCALEAQ Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing mechanical equipment in the petroleum exploitation field, aquaculture, and electronic-mechanical equipment serving the maritime sector;
Vina Nha Trang Engineering Joint Stock Company applies modern technologies such as steam coffee (boiler), enzyme tech in processing coffee cherries, agricultural product sterilization technology, decaf technology (decaffeinated) to produce coffee processing equipment, tanks for farm produce, post-harvest products, etc.

Focus on developing precision and accuracy mechanics

In recent years, the mechanical industry in the province has made much progress but still lacks synchronization. It is the truth that the products of the industry are not diversified, and the quality is only average. Vital production steps, namely casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, surface protection, mechanical processing, and metal cutting, need investment in new techs to improve quality and merchandise diversification. Certain private establishments still use old techniques and artisanal lines.

According to Mr. Nguyen Sanh Duong – Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, in the coming time, the mechanical industry should focus on developing precision mechanics for naval architecture, transport, loading, and unloading. Besides, it also contains processing agricultural – forestry – aquatic merchandise, marine equipment, measuring, etc. The thing has to step up supporting industries to serve precision mechanics industries, electronics, and telecommunications, electrical equipment; renewable energy production; textiles – leather, the high-tech sector, etc.

In particular, priority is given to specific projects such as manufacturing steel structures, containers, tanks, large-sized metal steel pipes, engines, and spare parts for ships with a tunnage from 6,500DWT or more.

Besides, projects also concentrate on investing in composite hull shipbuilding facilities; manufacturing and assembling electrical engineering machinery and equipment; manufacturing spare parts, auto components, and transportation equipment of all kinds; loading and unloading equipment, transporting goods in ports, logistics warehouses in industrial parks in Ninh Hoa, Dien Khanh, etc.