Technical Specifications

Product's CÔNG DỤNG

  • Packaging & weighing many different materials such as pepper, coffee and other agricultural products.
  • The machine can weigh in many specific weight by the operator setting,


Model Capacity (ton/hour) Dimension (LxWxH,mm)
Multi Scale 20 – 30 1920 x 1920 x 3700


  • Mordern technology
  • High durability
  • Easy to operate
  • Electricity saving


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know how to visit VNT's sample system?

VNT has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing equipment and systems for processing agricultural products such as coffee, pepper, cocoa … in Vietnam and over the world. Depending on your requirement of machine capacity and factory’s location, we will give the most suitable advice as well as arrange a suitable place for you to visit. Please contact to our hotline 0966 757 757 to get more information.

I want to know how to contact to VNT?

VNT provides free warranty service within 12 months from the date of delivery of the product for mechanical parts.

I want to know how to contact to VNT?

Please contact to our hotline 0966 757 757 for supporting. In addition, you can leave a message in the “Contact for Price” section below, we will get back to you within 24 hours.