What is happening in the Roastery section at the Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2023?
There are young warriors with four steeds made by Vina Nha Trang Company.
Guess who will break through to be the winner of this competition?

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Vina Nha Trang Engineering JSC is the exclusive sponsor of roasting machines for the Roastery Challenge category of the Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2023 held from May 11 – May 14, 2023 in Hanoi.

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This is a prestigious competition that showcases the skills and creativity of Vietnamese coffee roast masters.

On April 25, 2023, VNT hosted the acceptance test of 04 Roasters, the state-of-the-art roasting machines that VNT exclusively sponsored for VCC 2023. The test was attended by representatives from VNT, VCC 2023 organizers, and the Head Judge.

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These Roasters are products of VNT’s continuous research and innovation in coffee roasting technology. They are designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of coffee roasters, with features such as precise temperature control, adjustable airflow, flexible drum speed, and smart software that allows roasters to monitor and record every roast profile. The Roasters can roast 1 kg of green coffee beans per batch with high consistency and quality.

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The Roastery competition was a success, as the roasting machines performed flawlessly and impressed the attendees with their capabilities and performance. The coffee roasters who used the machines praised their ease of use, responsiveness, and versatility. They also expressed their excitement and gratitude to VNT for sponsoring such advanced and reliable equipment for VCC 2023.

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VCC 2023 is scheduled to take place from September 15 to September 17, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City. The Roastery Challenge category is one of the main attractions of the competition, where coffee roasters will compete by creating their roast profiles for different types of coffee beans and presenting their roasted coffee to a panel of judges. The winner will receive a big prize and a trophy from VNT and VCC.

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