On July 30, 2023, Vina Nha Trang hosted its significant annual event – the Shareholders’ Meeting 2023! This special occasion provided shareholders with an excellent opportunity to meet, exchange opinions, and make crucial decisions regarding the company’s future operations. All matters were discussed openly and candidly, aligning towards the common goal of Vina Nha Trang’s steadfast development journey.

Đại Hội Cổ Đông 2023 / 30.07.2023

Shareholders play a crucial role in defining long-term strategies and creating sustainable value for the company. Active participation and contributions from each shareholder during the meeting were of paramount importance for the future and growth of the company.

Amid a solemn and professional atmosphere, Vina Nha Trang’s shareholders shared ideas and perspectives, respecting diverse contributions and focusing on common objectives – promoting sustainable development and generating long-term benefits for the company. The Shareholders’ Meeting served as a platform to advance together, conquering new opportunities and promising challenges in the future.

Let us stand united and leave a lasting mark on Vina Nha Trang’s path of resilient development.

🤝 Together, let’s strive for success and sustainable growth! 🌏