During this period, Vietnam has exported a total of 1.13 million metric tons of coffee, yielding an coffee export value of USD 2.74 billion. Although this represents a marginal 0.1% decrease in terms of quantity compared to the same period in 2022, it also highlights a significant 6.5% increase in export revenue.


When delving into the specifics of the various coffee types exported, it becomes evident that Robusta coffee remains the dominant variety. With over 1 million metric tons exported, Robusta contributed significantly to the total export value, reaching USD 2.14 billion. In contrast, Arabica green coffee beans constituted a more modest export quantity of 28,300 metric tons, equivalent to an export value of nearly USD 117 million. Decaffeinated coffee beans accounted for an approximate volume of 19,600 metric tons, translating to an export value of USD 69.6 million. Furthermore, the export of roasted and soluble coffee totaled 62,200 metric tons (prior to conversion into the equivalent weight of green coffee beans), amounting to a substantial export value of almost USD 402 million. Notably, the export volume of roasted and soluble coffee comprised 5.5% of the overall export volume, while its export value constituted 14.7% of the total export revenue across all coffee types.

Analyzing the export markets for Vietnamese coffee across 37 countries during the initial 7 months of 2023, Germany maintained its leading position with an export volume of 136,800 metric tons. Italy secured the second rank with an export volume of approximately 106,600 metric tons, followed by the United States in third place with 85,000 metric tons. Japan claimed the fourth spot with an export volume of 66,100 metric tons, while Russia and Spain held the fifth and sixth positions with export volumes of 60,900 and nearly 59,600 metric tons, respectively. Belgium occupied the seventh position with an export volume of 47,400 metric tons, succeeded by Algeria in eighth place with 46,600 metric tons. The Netherlands secured the ninth position with an export volume exceeding 28,200 metric tons, and Mexico rounded off the top ten with an export volume of 28,000 metric tons. — Source: Vietnam Coffee-Cocoa Association Office –”