Technical Specifications

Product's functions

  • Used to roast green coffee
  • Roasting time from 12 to 20 minutes
  • Uniform coffee bean quality (95-99%)
  • Roasting program is connected to electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, etc

Product's specifications

The specifications of the VNT’s coffee roaster
Capacity 3 – 4kg/hr, 200 – 1000gr/batch
Gas consumption 4 – 5kg of gas/100kg of coffee beans
Electricity consumption 850W
Power supply 1 phase – 50Hz
Dimension (LxWxH) 1420 x 600 x 1130 (mm)
Approx. weight 190kg


Product's principles of operation

Product's features of the control system

  • Easy to control
  • Manual control or Automatic Control via PLC monitor
  • Connect to PC via Artisan software for saving roasting recipes
  • HMI touch screen is easy to interact with the user, while displaying roasting parameters, coffee beans temperature, hot air and temperature rises for 1 minute (BT, ET). Equipment status helps to control the roasting process to ensure the quality of coffee at the highest level
  • The Phidgets 1048 hardware installed in the roaster connected with 2 thermometers for coffee beans temperature and hot air, and then analyzes, creates the basis for selecting and storing the most accurate profile. The optimal set-up process saves processing time, above all, creates consistency in the quality of finished products of various batches

Product's functions of the roasting drum

  • Having air cushion
  • Having agitators in order to shine coffee beans and restrict scorching the beans
  • Ensure food safety standards
  • Drum made from temperature resistant stainless steel
  • Double rum jacket design make consistent of heat and protect the roasting defect happen

Product's heating method

  • Infrared burner or blue flame burner
  • Gas burnt completely
  • No smoke

Product's cooling sieve & fan

  • Fast cooling (3-5 mins)
  • Cyclone dust collector

Product's body of machine

  • Insulated, limit heat release outside
  • Heavy duty reinforced steel


Product's benefits

  • Easy to check the sample during roasting
  • Able to adjust after taste of coffee beans
  • Able to adjust the temperature and roasting time for each type of coffee
  • Easy to operate, clean and maintain
  • Energy saving
  • Minimize polluted air such as: NOx, COx… 
  • Less gas supply than the other 30 – 40% because infrared system

Product's customer services

  • Instruct roasting technology for free to customers
  • Instruct to customers who do not have experience in roasting coffee
  • Support the warranty and maintenance in the customer’s place


Frequently Asked Questions

What's kind of fuel that VNT coffee roaster use?

The coffee roasting machine VNTR uses gas as the main heating fuel.

What's kind of heating method applying in the coffee roaster VNTR?

VNT’s coffee roaster uses indirect burning technology (hot air). The heat is transferred indirectly to the roasting drum (hot air transmission) so the heat is transferred to the coffee beans very evenly, thereby optimize the roasting batch quality.

How can I take a quick look of VNT's coffee roaster?

VNT has more than 30 years experience in manufacturing equipment and systems for processing agricultural products such as coffee, pepper, cocoa … in Vietnam and over the world. Depending on your requirement of machine capacity and factory’s location, we will give the most suitable advice as well as arrange a suitable place for you to take a quick look of VNT’s coffee roaster. Please contact to our hotline (+84)-966-757-757 to get more information.

What is the warranty policy for the coffee roaster VNTR?

VNT provides free warranty service within 12 months from the date of delivery of the product for mechanical parts.

How can I get a quotation of the VNT's coffee roaster for sale?

Please contact to our hotline (+84)-966-757-757 for supporting. In addition, you can leave a message in the “Contact for Price” section below, we will get back to you within 24 hours.